What Dog Can Kill A Wolf and Protect Your Family and Home?

When you’re living on farmland or in a habitat that is shared with wolves, your priority is to protect your livestock, pets, and most importantly, your family. Sure, you can set up as many electric fences and traps as you like, but there’s nothing quite like a protective guard dog to scare off any wolfish intruders. 

Truth is, nobody wants to be responsible for killing a predator. Sometimes, it’s cruel to be kind, because if your family or livestock is in danger, you’ll want to pull out your best weapon yet – a dog. 

At the end of the day, a dog shouldn’t actively go around killing wolves. Instead, you want to teach the wolves a lesson. What dog can kill a wolf? Let’s find out.

While you might not assume domesticated dogs can harm or kill a wolf, some breeds are so intelligent, agile, and protective that they can kill a wolf. If you’re doing research on dog breeds that make excellent guard dogs for both livestock and households, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 11 dog breeds that can protect your house and kill wolves!

Bite Force

For reference, we will be talking about bite force, as measured by PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

A human’s average bite force is 162 PSI, and a wolf’s is 400 PSI. So if you want to know what dog can kill a wolf, look for a dog breed with a bite force stronger than 400 PSI.

In the animal kingdom, the Nile Crocodile has the strongest bite force, measuring a whopping 5,000 PSI.

1. The Boerboel

the Boerboel can kill a wolf
Weight 70-90 Kg 70-90 Kg
Height 64-70 cm 59-65 cm
Lifespan 10-12 years
Bite force450 PSI
Quick facts about the Boerboel

Often called the South African Mastiff, the Boerboel is a dominant and territorial dog. These dogs have a distinctive black mask and come in a variety of colors, including Fawn, Black, Brindle, Red, and Brown. 

When they are in the right hands, Boerboels are excellent working or guard dogs that can be trained to protect a home. They have an extremely high prey drive, which means they are likely to warn off (or fight) intruders including wolves, other animals, or even unwanted humans. 

Boerboels have a bite force of 450 PSI, which is stronger than the bite force of a wolf. 

Due to their size and temperament, these dogs are best suited for families with no children or older children and no other pets in the house.

They are incredibly loyal, hardly shed at all, and they can be affectionate and sociable if trained properly from a young age.

They are not recommended for first-time dog owners. 

2. The Dogo Argentino

the dogo argentino can kill a wolf
Weight40-45 Kg35-40 Kg
Height60-68 cm60-65 cm
Lifespan 10-12 years
Bite force500 PSI
Quick facts about the Dogo Argentino

Developed in Argentina for big game hunting, the Dogo Argentino is mostly trained professionally for police assistance, competitive obedience, search and rescue, military work, and service dogs.

These dogs are incredibly intelligent, loyal, and courageous, making them wonderful guard dogs for any home. 

Visibly, these dogs look a bit like a mixture between an American Bulldog and an American Pitbull Terrier, just with a distinctive white coat. 

The Dogo Argentino breed can make quick distinctions between friends and strangers, but it is still good to socialize and train them from a young age. They have a high prey drive, which means they are likely to fend off or attack intruders like wolves, coyotes, or burglars. 

While they might not be the largest dog on our list, they are very strong and protective dogs that also make a good companion.

This breed has a bite force of 500 PSI, which is far stronger than a wolf. 

3. The Presa Canario

the presa canario can kill a wolf


  • Male: 50-59 Kg
  • Female: 38-50 Kg


  • Male: 60-65 cm
  • Female: 56-61 cm

Lifespan: 9-11 years

Weight 50-59 Kg 38-50 Kg
Height 60-65 cm 56-61 cm
Lifespan 9-11 years
Bite force540 PSI
Quick facts about the Perro de Presa Canario

Often referred to as the Canary Mastiff, the Presa Canario is an excellent watchdog and livestock guardian breed. They have a highly protective nature driven by sheer loyalty, meaning they will do whatever it takes to protect their household or livestock (or whatever they have been trained to protect). 

These dogs have a very high prey drive and aren’t likely to back down if they are threatened. This means they won’t give up on a fight against a wolf. With a bite force of 540 PSI, they are also most likely to win a fight against a wolf. 

In terms of temperament, the Presa Canario is a naturally suspicious breed. They don’t do well with kids or other pets, and they need to be trained and socialized from a young age by experienced dog owners.

Still, when they are trained properly, they have a calm and gentle temperament around the people they trust. 

4. The Kangal

the kangal can kill a wolf
Weight 50-65 Kg 41-50 Kg
Height 74-81 cm 71-79 cm
Lifespan 12-15 years
Bite Force743 PSI
Quick facts about the Kangal

The Kangal (also known as the Anatolian Shepherd Dog) is a Turkish dog that has been used as a livestock guardian dog for centuries.

This breed has one of the best temperaments for protecting a household or livestock. Not only are they incredibly loyal, but they are highly affectionate and sociable dogs that make great companions.

However, Turkey has made it illegal to export these dogs out of the country. They are prized and very important to Turkish people, so it’s not easy to buy a Kangal. 

With an impressive bite force of 743 PSI, Kangals can successfully fight large predators including wolves, coyotes, and even bears. So if you want to know what dog can kill a wolf: the Kangal wins hands down.

A Kangal’s temperament is one that is rarely found in such protective and strong breeds. Yes, they have the ability to kill a wolf in a single bite, but they are also excellent family dogs and can be very gentle around small children.

They should be raised from a young age and trained by experienced dog owners nonetheless because a Kangal needs consistency to feel protective over its pack. 

5. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog

the caucasian shepherd can kill a wolf
Height 55-100 Kg 45-80 Kg
Weight 70-90 cm 65-75 cm
Lifespan 10-12 years
Both 550-700 PSI
Quick facts about the Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Native to the Caucasus region, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is one of the largest protective dogs in the world.

They are trained for protecting livestock and homes from predators and intruders, which is all down to their sheer strength and alert nature. Even the best-trained dogs can be unpredictable, but this is only because of their high prey drive

When trained properly, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are a popular watchdog for households due to their territorial and protective instincts. They are surprisingly affectionate and gentle, and they completely dote on the ones they love.

However, this can only be achieved if they are trained at a young age. They must be socialized as puppies, otherwise, they can become stubborn and aggressive. 

This is an intelligent breed that will pick up good and bad habits, which is why they aren’t suitable for first-time dog owners. Still, they can successfully fight and kill predators like wolves with their bite force ranging between 550-700 PSI

6. The Cane Corso

the cane corso can kill a wolf
Weight 45-50 Kg 40-45 Kg
Height 62-70 cm 58-66 cm
Lifespan 10-11 years
Bite force 700 PSI
Quick facts about the Cane Corso

Known as the Italian Mastiff, the Cane Corso is a reliable, protective, and attractive companion breed that works brilliantly as a guard dog.

Not only does this breed have a fairly high prey drive against other animals, but their impressively large heads give them a threatening appearance against intruders. This is one of the reasons why they are trained for law enforcement purposes. 

What dog can kill a wolf? This one can: its bite force (700 PSI) makes this an excellent breed for fighting wolves.

Despite their strong bite force and threatening appearance, the Cane Corso is an affectionate and gentle companion. Their protective and territorial nature means they are extremely loyal to their pack, meaning they will form strong emotional bonds with their owners.

They’re not aggressive by nature, even around strangers, so they can be brought up around kids from a young age. 

These large dogs can be prone to destructive behavior from boredom, so they must be owned and trained by a committed and experienced owner. 

7. The Šarplaninac 

the Sarplaninac can kill a wolf
Weight 35-45 Kg 30-40 Kg
Height 56-62 cm 54-60 cm
Lifespan 11-13 years
Bite force 450-700 PSI
Quick facts about the Šarplaninac

Often known as the Illyrian Shepherd Dog, the Šarplaninac has been used as a livestock guardian against wolves, bears, and lynxes in the Balkans for centuries.

As a result of this, this breed has incredible natural protective and herding instincts for livestock and households. In fact, they have been known to herd humans away from their homes!

The Šarplaninac is a highly intelligent breed, which comes with its downfalls. As it is so independent, its intelligence means it will either obey or ignore your commands.

This can only be amended by training the dog from a young age, as they can take a while to warm up to people. Once they get to grips with their pack, however, they are loyal and faithful dogs

The bite force of an Šarplaninac can be anywhere from 450-700 PSI. This is because of their muscular build and strong jaws, matched with their high sense of caution and alertness

8. The Armenian Gampr Dog

the Amernian Gampr can kill a wolf
Weight 57-61 Kg 45-59 Kg
Height 64-66 cm 58-61 cm
Lifespan 12-15 years
Bite force 450-650 PSI
Quick facts about the Armenian Gampr Dog

The Armenian Gampr Dog is an ancient breed that can both be loved or feared. They have been used as livestock guardians for centuries, and you do not want to meet this dog as an intruder.

In fact, the breed came about from period mating with indigenous wolves, which is where they get their extremely protective nature from. 

As the breeding hasn’t changed for centuries, Armenian Gampr dogs exhibit everything you would need from a guard dog – independence, high prey drive, self-preservation instincts, strong defense skills, and a strong sense of protection to their pack.

Due to their potentially terrifying nature, they can take a while to warm to an owner. Once the stubborn and aloof behavior has gone, they become fiercely loyal companions

If you live in an area that gets harsh weather in winter, Armenian Gampr dogs are very hardy and resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Their bite force ranges between 450-650 PSI

9. The Alabai 

the alabais can kill a wolf
Weight 50-79 Kg 40-65 Kg
Height 65-78 cm 60-69 cm
Lifespan 12-14 years
Bite force 500-650 PSI
Quick facts about the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Also known as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Alabais are incredibly courageous, vigilant, and not afraid to fight a predator. This is one of the most popular dog breeds in Russia, making them a unique rarity in American households.

Still, their thick coat allows them to withstand extreme temperatures, which means they can protect livestock and households even in the coldest of winter months. 

When they’re not “on duty”, Alabais are gentle, calm, and well-mannered dogs that make great companions. While it might take a while for them to get to know their owners, their loyalty is unwavering. Plus, they are great with older children. 

With a bite force of between 500-650 PSI and loud bark, Alabais are ideal for fending off predators such as wolves, coyotes, and intruders.

They also have an insatiable appetite for protecting and fighting, meaning they won’t stop attacking a predator until one of them has won. 

10. The Tibetan Mastiff

the Tibetan Mastiff can kill a wolf
Weight 45-72 Kg 45-72 Kg
Height 66 cm 61 cm
Lifespan 9-15 years
Bite force 556 PSI
Quick facts about the Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a giant among most dogs. Underneath all that fur is a muscular build, making them incredibly strong and powerful, with a bite force of 556 PSI. Their bodies have adapted because of their native environment, Tibet, making them a great guard dog for households that live in cold areas. 

Tibetan Mastiffs are an excellent family dog, especially if they are raised alongside children at a young age. As they grow so large, however, they might be a danger to small children when they reach maturity.

Despite their size, they are one of the healthiest breeds of dogs in the world, which means they can have an extended lifespan of 15 years

Most importantly, Tibetan Mastiffs have an excellent prey drive and sense of protective loyalty that means they can successfully fight a wolf – and kill. Not only will they fight a wolf, but their territorial instincts mean that they will fight intruders of any species. 

11. The Irish Wolfhound

the Irish Wolfhound can kill a wolf
Weight 40-69 Kg 40-69 Kg
Height 71-90 cm 71-90 cm
Lifespan 6-8 years
Bite force 250-400 PSI
Quick facts about the Irish Wolfhound

If you want a dog that can successfully fight a wolf but is a gentle companion to your family and children, you have to consider an Irish Wolfhound.

They have been trusted guard dogs for centuries in Ireland for their loyalty, defensiveness, and calm nature. Don’t be fooled, however, as they still have the ability to kill a wolf if necessary. 

With a bite force between 250-400 PSI, Irish Wolfhounds have a similar bite power to a wolf, making it a somewhat even fight. It’s their territorial and protective nature that will win the battle, however, as this breed will do (and fight) anything to guard their family or livestock. 

The kind-hearted and loyal nature of an Irish Wolfhound only comes about when they are trained consistently.

This breed doesn’t do well with boredom and loneliness, and they can become destructive if they aren’t given a proper motive to protect their pack. Fight for them, and they will fight for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Rottweiler kill a wolf? 

While Rottweilers are highly protective and strong dogs, most domesticated Rottweilers won’t be successful in killing a wolf. They could try, but they are unlikely to win unless they have been raised specifically for hunting and fighting large predators. The bite force of a Rottweiler is 328 PSI, which is less than a wolf. 

Can a German Shepherd beat a wolf?

German Shepherds are fiercely loyal and protective of their pack, but they cannot beat a wolf. They might be strong, but they’re simply not strong enough to withstand the injuries from a fight with a wolf. Their bite force is only 238 PSI (which is still very impressive for a dog), which is far less than a wolf’s bite force. 

Are Huskies related to wolves?

It’s not a simple answer. We address this question in this blog post.

Can a Malamute kill a wolf?

If a Malamute needed to fight a single wolf, the Malamute would stand a greater chance of winning. We explore this question further in this article.

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