What Are The Best Velcro Toys For Dogs?

Toys are a great way to interact with your best buddies. Velcro toys work best for dogs who love to rip and pull apart dog toys without having to destroy them.

What are the best velcro toys for dogs? The best velcro toys for dogs are:

  1. Clean Run Lotus Ball;
  2. The Tearribles; and
  3. Rippy’s Dog Toys.

Having dogs myself, it is essential to know what toys meet their needs without needing to spend too much money on them. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I needed to change my dog’s toys because they break every time they play with their chew toys. In this article, I will talk about the different benefits of a velcro toy, how to choose the right velcro toys for your dogs, and what are the best velcro toys for them.

Velcro Toys and Your Best Bud

Toys made with velcro material allow dogs to rip it apart without breaking it entirely. Velcro enables parts of the dog toy to attach, detach when your dog is pulling it apart and then reattach after your dog disassembles them. Velcro dog toys are also known as pull-apart and rippable dog toys.

I, myself, use the velcro toys for my three pups who love to chew. Before I bought these velcro toys, I had to spend a fortune churning through different types of dog toys. They would break the toy every time they would play with it. I once bought a toy where it didn’t even last for ten minutes!

Velcro toys are usually combined with a plush toy. This means that your dog can cuddle their toy when they sleep as well as chew their toy when they’re awake.

Velcro toys are great for different sizes of dogs.

As to different types of dogs, know this before you spend money on velcro dog toys: is your dog is a destructive or aggressive chewer? I experimented once giving one of my dogs a velcro toy. He tore it apart in seconds. Do not buy velcro dog toys for aggressive chewers.

Can you teach a dog not to destroy their toys? Is there such a thing as an indestructible toy? Find out more by reading this article.

If your dog is a gentle chewer of toys, velcro toys are fine. The best benefit of these toys is that your dogs can tear it apart, and once they do, you can just put them together again and again. Velcro toys also provide a great ‘ripping’ sound that dogs love when they play.

velcro ball for dogs

Why Are Dog Toys Important?

Dogs need toys

Toys provide exercise for your dog’s mind and body.

When dogs play with their toys, it builds independence.

Dogs tend to be pack animals, and they are not meant to be alone. The reality is, that with work and general life commitments, it’s not always possible to be with your dogs at all times. For when you can’t be home, toys are a great way to keep your dog self-entertained and distracted. Toys teach them to have fun by themselves.

I usually leave my three dogs at home since I work a day job. I always make sure to provide them with plenty of toys so that they will not get bored.

Two of my dogs love their Velcro toys. Whenever I come home, they hand it to me with a vigorous wag of their tails so that I can reattach them again for more playtime.

Toys also prevent your dogs from destructive behaviors and excessive barking. Puppies who are continually chewing will not find alternative things to chew when they have a chew toy available for them.

Ever since I provided my dogs with Velcro toys, I don’t have to worry about them chewing on my couch, shoes, or other furniture that I have at home. I just make sure to buy them an ample variety of toys so that they would not get bored of playing with the same toy.

To be honest, I also enjoy seeing them detach the limbs of the toys and reattaching them when they hand it to me.

Another reason toys are important to dogs is they will love you more when you provide them with toys.

Toys will create a bond between you and your fur baby when you allocate playtime with your dog. Your pooch will associate it this time with fun and excitement. It will create a positive relationship between you and your dog.

What Are The Best Velcro Toys for Dogs?

CategoryToy NameSqueaker toy?Price
Best overallP.LA.Y Burger Rippable Velcro PlushYesCheck
Best value for moneyDestroy-A-SaurusNoCheck
Best velcro rangeThe TearriblesYesCheck
Best velcro ballClean Run Lotus BallNoCheck
Summary of our best velcro toys for dogs

Our Top Pick/Best Overall

The best velcro toy out there in the market for me is the P.LA.Y Burger Rippable Velcro Plush Dog Toy.

It looks delicious and can be rippable into three parts.

The toy is simple and easy for your dogs to play with. It comes with two buns and the filling.

The P.LA.Y Burger plush has a double stitched durability and inverse cross-stitched joints, which makes the toy durable.

The burger also has a built-in squeaker that would get your dog’s attention whenever they are playing with the toy. Toys with a squeaker are excellent for dog breeds with a strong prey drive like Beagles, Terriers, Whippets, Dobermans, Alaskan Malamutes, Australian Cattle Dogs, Bullmastiffs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Samoyeds, Basenjis, Afghans, Siberian Huskies, and Weimaraners.

This burger plush dog toy meets the strict standards of baby infant toys. It’s made with non-toxic materials.

The size of the toy is 4.3 inches in length and width, while the height is 3.93 inches.

Best Value for Money

The Destroy-A-Saurus dog toy is the best value for your money when it comes to your dogs’ velcro chew toys. It is sturdy and does not break easily. The toy comes in one design which is a dinosaur, I mean just look at its name!

The Destroy-A-Saurus has a rope balled as its tail. This feature offers your dog a choice on which part of the body to chew. There are four legs. All of them are detachable.

This toy is excellent for puppies and chewers. The material that’s used in the Destroy-A-Saurus is durable and sturdy.

Before giving it to a dog that is an aggressive chewer, I’d test it first. That means I would give the toy to the dog and supervise them. In fact, this is the advice I’d always give: test any of the velcro toys with a destructive chewer first before leaving your dog alone with those toys.

This toy comes in one size which is 12 inches in length, 8 inches in height, and 4 inches in width.

Best Velcro Soft Ball

The Clean Run Lotus Ball is a velcro ball for dogs.

It’s the best option when it comes to treat-dispensing velcro toys. Use it as a reward-based toy to add some fun into the mix while you’re training them.

There are three parts to the ball. Each of them has a velcro lining. This enables your dog to open the ball and get the treats inside without damaging the toy.

At the bottom of the ball, there’s a nylon webbing so that it is easy to attach to a handle, leash, or rope. If you do attach a leash to the end of the ball, you can take it on walks.

It comes in two sizes, which are small and medium. The small size is 3.5 inches in diameter while the medium is 4 inches in diameter, and both cost $16.99.

It can be easily hand washed if the ball gets dirty.

This toy is not a chew toy. It’s intended to give to a dog to reward them after a training session or as a treat when you get home.

If you find your Lotus Ball grips too hard and your dog can’t get their treat, use the tips in the video below to loosen the grip of the velcro.

Best Velcro Dog Toy Range

The Tearribles are a range of toys in three different designs and sizes.

  • Tiny comes in yellow and has detachable legs, eyes, and tail. It stands at five inches tall and costs $19.99.
  • Medium comes in color green, and it stands at nine inches tall. It has detachable legs, arms, ears, and tail, which costs $25.99.
  • Lastly, the XL stands at 14 inches tall and has detachable legs, arms, ears, and tail.
Briefing on the Tearribles range of velcro dog toys

Each Tearibble toy includes a squeaker inside of a special pocket. This prevents it from sliding to different places.

The toy is lined with cotton mesh on the inside to provide extra durability and support.

The Tearrible Dog Toys are easy to wash and will give you more time to play with your pups.

The Tearribles will provide hours of fun, bonding time, and physical as well as mental exercise for your dog to minimize any destructive behaviors in the future.

Best Velcro Animal

The Rippy’s Pull-Apart Dog Toys comes in five different animals: elephant, worm, pig, cow, and lion.

They are rippable dog toys. They break apart into six to seven parts. So they are great for dogs who love to rip into toys.

This dog toy is seven inches tall, and its head, arms, as well as legs, can be detached and reattached by velcro strips.

tearrible dog toy

These toys are also battery operated. This enables them to make animal sounds whenever your dogs hit the right spot. However, it is best to supervise your dogs whenever they play with the Rippys Dog Toys because they might swallow the batteries that are included in the animal.

It has triple stitching, which makes it more durable when dogs rip them apart.

It is also washable and has a quick-dry function so that your dogs can play with it all day!

Every dog plays differently, and since toys are not created equal, it is always best to watch your dogs closely during their playtime with the toys. Another reminder is that not all dog toys are indestructible. So, it will be best to remove the toy from playtime if it becomes damaged.


Dogs have such great energies, and providing them with a toy that they love to play with will help you avoid any unwanted chewing in your home. Velcro toys are the best because you do not have to worry about them tearing it apart and destroying the toy. All you need to do is just reattach the toy back together, and the fun with your dog can continue.

We Are Mad About Dog Toys

Toys are such an essential part of a dog’s life. As a result, we’ve dedicated a lot of our articles here at Outdoor Dog Fun to the topic of dog toys intending to make toy time fun, rewarding, and safe. We hope you enjoy reading our selection of practical and informative articles below. 


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