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One of the most striking features of a Siberian Husky is its eyes. Huskies have very distinct eyes in the shape of almonds and can be a number of different colors.  Sure, some dogs have similar eye colors, such as Australian Shepherds or Border Collies, but Huskies are by far most known for their brightly colored (and often bicolored or particolored eyes!). 

All Huskies are actually born with blue eyes. After 8 weeks of age, those eyes either remain blue (40% of Huskies) or both eyes change to brown (40% of Huskies). The remaining 20% of Husky puppies either have both eyes change to a mix of blue-brown or one eye becomes brown and the other blue.

In this article, we are going to be delving into the world of Husky eye color, exploring the most common eye color types, what this could mean for your Husky, why they have these eye colors, and so much more! We will also be answering some FAQs on the topic. 

Blue Husky Eyes

Blue eyes are probably the most common occurrence on Huskies. If you have seen a Husky in person, or indeed owned one, then chances are their eyes are blue. The reason for this is because around 40% of all Huskies have blue eyes. 

Something that is even cooler is the fact that there are many shades of blue. Huskies’ eyes can be a variety of different shades of blue, from the color of the ocean to a very pale icy blue.

Some of them look almost white (you know the White Walkers from Game of Thrones? Well that is what huskies’ eyes can look like!). 

You will usually find that Huskies with super blue eyes will have a ring of dark skin, usually black or dark brown, surrounding their eye area.

This is something that they have developed over time to help protect their eyes against the glare of the sun from the ice and snow (after all, Huskies originate from countries that are pretty much permanently covered in snow). 

Brown Husky Eyes

Gorgeous brown eyes…I mean, we humans write and sing songs about them, but on a Husky, they are often forgotten about! Many people believe the common misconception that brown eyes on a Husky are a sign that the pooch is not purebred. However, this could not be further from the truth! 

To prove this, the American Kennel Club has actually made statements declaring that brown eyes are indeed recognized as a breed standard, and so a purebred Husky can certainly have brown eyes. 

Huskies have an equal chance of having brown or blue eyes, and whilst brown may not be as instantly striking as icy or deep blue, we think there is something heart-melting about deep brown eyes – they are the definition of puppy dog eyes! 

Your Husky is around 40% likely to have brown eyes, and the shades can vary from a really striking amber color to gorgeous chocolate brown. 

Bi-Eyed Huskies 

When your Husky has bi-colored eyes, that simply means that they have eyes of different colors, such as one brown and one blue. The gorgeous phenomenon is relatively rare in comparison to having just one color, but it still occurs in around 15% of all huskies

This rare Husky trait can sometimes leave Husky owners worrying that their Husky is going to become unwell. Many people think that it is a sign that the Husky will have trouble with their eyesight such as blindness, blurriness, and other issues. 

However, there is no evidence to suggest this is the case and Huskies with bi-colored eyes are thought to be able to live just as long and happy as Huskies with regular eye colors. 

Huskies With Parti-Colored Eyes

Something that is even rarer is particolored eyes. Parti-colored eyed Huskies have eyes that are a mixture of blue and brown. This can be both eyes or just one eye. 

It may mean that half of their eye is one color and the other half is another color, and there may be unequal amounts of each color. There may also be a mixture of both, as though someone has poured brown paint into blue and then mixed it slightly. 

It is thought that only around 5% of Huskies have this occurrence, and so it is very rare. Again, this is not a sign of ill health or eye problems, so please do not worry if your Husky has particolored eyes. 

Can Husky Eye Colors Change?

Yes! Huskies’ eye colors can certainly change! In fact, all Huskies are actually born with blue eyes. Their eyes remain blue until they reach around 8 weeks (or 5 weeks at the earliest).

The color change is very likely to be gradual, and it fully depends on the individual genes of each Husky. It will also depend on the pigmentation in the eyes, hair, and skin of the Husky.

It may look as though your Husky puppy’s eyes will never change. That is also fine since around 40% of them keep their blue eyes. For some Huskies, it may look as though the eyes start to change from blue to brown, but will stop halfway through. This will end up as particolored eyes. 

Likewise, some Huskies may have one eye that changes and one that remains blue. As well as this, the shade of blue may also change. As puppies, the color blue is grayish and pale. However, this can turn to deep teal blue or icy blue after 8 weeks. 

Do Huskies Eyes Stop Changing? When?

Yes! Your Husky’s eyes will stop changing color when they reach 16 weeks, on average. As we mentioned in the previous section, they usually start to change when the puppy hits around 5 to 8 weeks. By 12 to 16 weeks, their color should remain the same. 

That being said, some Huskies have been known to still have color developments until they reach around 6 months old! 

We would always advise you to take your Husky puppy to the vet if their eye color seems to change late, or when they reach adulthood, as this may signal that there is an issue with their eyesight

Why Are There Huskies With Different Colored Eyes?

The reason why some Huskies have different colored eyes is that of a natural, genetic phenomenon known as heterochromia. This can happen to many animals and even in humans. 

This is where the distribution of melanin is different for each eye, resulting in one being darker than the other. It usually presents as one brown eye and one blue eye. It is nothing to worry about, and whilst it is a rarer occurrence, it is still possible in around 15% of dogs

Blue Eyes: Are They Bad for Huskies?

Whilst blue eyes can be a signal that your pup has health problems in many other breeds of dogs, this is simply not the case for Huskies. Huskies are all born with blue eyes, as you know, and actually, it is very common for them to keep their blue eyes. 

The reason why it is so common for Huskies to have blue eyes is because of a genetic mutation which means they have less pigment production in their eyes. This means that they appear blue, rather than brown. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Huskies the only dog breed with blue eyes?

No! There are some other dogs that also have blue eyes. We mentioned two of the other most common dog breeds with blue eyes earlier – these are Australian Shepherds and collies.

However, some other dogs that also have blue eyes or an increased chance of heterochromia (one blue and one brown eye) are Welsh Corgis, Weimaraners, Dachshunds, and Dalmatians. 

What is the percentage of Huskies that have different colored eyes?

As you might know from the sections earlier in the article, it is less common to find a Husky with different colored eyes. Usually, your Husky will have two blue eyes or two brown eyes. There is an equal chance of them getting either (40% chance for either color). 

That being said, it is certainly not unheard of to have a Husky with two different colored eyes. In fact, around 15% of all huskies will have one blue eye and one brown eye. 

As well as this, there is also the possibility of your Husky having particolored eyes. This means that each eye will have both brown and blue in it. This is even less common and occurs in 5% of all huskies. 

How to tell if my Husky pup will have blue eyes?

It can be difficult to tell if your Husky pup will end up with blue eyes. The reason for this is because all Huskies are born with blue eyes, and this does not change until they reach 8 weeks, on average. 

If you begin to notice that your Huskies’ eyes are getting darker when they reach the 8-week mark, then it will be likely that they are turning brown, or at least will be particolored.

If they remain blue, then you can be assured that they will likely remain blue. They may turn a deeper shade of blue, such as teal, or an icy blue color. 

Why are some Huskies’ eyes so blue?

The reason why some Huskies have eyes that are so blue is that they have decreased levels of melanin (this is also known as pigment) in their bodies. This means their eyes cannot produce enough pigment to make them darker, and so they appear blue. 

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