Are Boxers Good Running Dogs?

Boxers are one of the most recognizable dog breeds and have been among the most popular dogs in America for a long time. They’re known for their excellent personalities, intelligence, and loyalty. But people wonder about their running ability.

Boxers can run short distances fast: up to 45 miles per hour. Very athletic, not only can they sprint, but if conditioned properly they can run with you on a daily basis for 4-5 miles. The earliest age they can run is 15 months.

Not only are Boxers great runners, but they love to run as well. If you are looking for a canine companion that can really put in the miles, the Boxer might be the dog for you. Let’s take a look at what makes them the great athletes that they are.

Are Boxers Good Running Dogs?

Not all dogs are great runners. Are Boxers good running partners? Yes.

They might be more well known for their disposition. Lovable, playful, energetic, and loyal: they’re more than a silly goofball with that familiar expressive face. Boxers are born athletes, and one of these dogs in peak condition is a marvel of what the canine form is capable of.

Boxers are full of energy. Their heritage comes from a lineage of dogs bred to chase down wild game like boar and bison. That lust for movement and action still remains within them. This means that they are more high maintenance than many other breeds when it comes to exercise requirements. But if you’re looking for a pet that can double as a running buddy, you’re probably ok with that.

The Boxer is not the breed for someone without the energy to match, so they are not the best choice for the elderly or small children. But for the active adult, you’ve got a friend in the athletic department.

Now, let’s take a look at some of this breed’s running stats.

How Good At Running Are They?

While most Boxers enjoy long, daily walks and some playtime in the yard, running can be an even better method to burn that energy. But how far is too far for them to run? How fast can they go? Let’s see…

How Far Can A Boxer Run?

A Boxer can run several miles a day, but they shouldn’t run them all at once. Break up their mileage to prevent extreme fatigue, injuries, and damage to their joints.

Also note that they aren’t born with the necessary endurance for long-distance right away. You and your Boxer will have to build up to those long-distance runs with some consistent training.

How Fast Can A Boxer Run?

A Boxer at a full sprint can run 38 – 45 miles per hour. Dang, that is one fast dog! You don’t need to worry about them leaving you in the dust, though. That speed is in a short burst, and they would much rather match your pace given the choice.

are boxers good running partners

Your running buddy Boxer can also benefit from sprints when you do go running. So, don’t forget about that high speed when you and your dog go for a jog and make sure to incorporate some speed drills.

Can You Run With A Boxer? Yes – Here’s How

Though Boxers can make great running partners, there are still some considerations to keep in mind before the two of you hit the trails.

Train Their Endurance

Humans are not the fastest animals, but we make up for that by being the best endurance athletes on earth. 

We can go further than any other animals, just at a slower speed. 

It is essential to keep this in mind when you start to run with any dog. 

They can smoke us in a sprint, but their bodies were not meant to maintain speed over long distances. 

It is important to start slow and learn what your dog is capable of. Take a look at our article on how to train your dog to be a good running partner.

Monitor Their Fatigue

Are they limping? Drooling? Foaming at the mouth? These can all be signs of fatigue

You will know your dog better than anyone, so you need to be on the lookout for these signs that it is time to take a break. Your dog lives to please, so they will push themselves too hard if they think they need to.

Boxers Can Overheat Quickly

The more smooshed a Boxer’s snout, the more challenging time they can have breathing

Shorter snouts don’t cool down the air that a dog breathes. This can cause Boxers to overheat rather quickly if the temperature is high. 

So, don’t run during the hottest part of the day and keep an eye out for fatigue if your Boxer is extra smooshy in the facial region.

Bring Water

If you are going for an amount of time over thirty minutes, you should bring water for your pooch. Since dogs’ bodies are smaller and their metabolism higher than ours, they burn through their bodies resources a lot faster.

Wait Until They’re Old Enough

While a growing pup needs plenty of exercise, they don’t necessarily need to work out.

Puppies should get their exercise how they see fit, running around the house and yard, playing, and gnawing.

Only once your dog has matured should they go on long-distance running. For Boxers, this is around 15 months to 2 years of age.

Try To Keep It Soft

Whenever possible, try to run with your pooch where the ground is a bit softer.

Asphalt and cement can be harmful to their claws and their footpads and even burn their poor little paws during the summertime. If you must run with your Boxer on hot surfaces, consider investing in a pair of dog boots to protect your dog’s paws.

So, stick to grass and dirt whenever possible. Your dog’s paws will thank you.

Don’t Push An Injury

If your dog is showing any sign of an injury, skip the run. They may be willing, even though they should be resting an injury. This goes the same for dogs recovering from surgery or illness.

Take Breaks

You don’t need to force your dog to run. They will push themselves as long as possible to keep up with you.

You need to be the one to initiate breaks for the sake of your pup.

So whenever they seem to be slowing down, getting clumsy or panting harder than average, stop and let them catch their breath and cool down.

Use A Leash

A running leash is an excellent investment towards the safety of you and your beloved Boxer. It might take some extra training to get them, and you used to run with a leash, but it could save you some heartache.

You never know what will be around that next corner when you’re running on the roads, and this goes double for running trails. It might even save you trouble with the law in some areas.

Best Running Gear For Your Boxer

Compact water bowl

For those runs on hot days, bring some water for your Boxer to prevent dehydration.

Our recommendation is the Prima Pets collapsible silicone water bowl.

Hands free dog leash

Best overall hands free leash with waist belt

The Mighty Paw Running Leash is made of bungee cord (extending to 16 inches long) and reflective stitching.  

There are 2 color choices available: black and grey/lime. Want more colors?The 4 foot long Tuff Mutt hands-free running leash comes in 7 color combinations and it’s only a couple of dollars more than the Mighty Paw.

Either of these hands free leashes are perfect for running, walking or hiking, so you will get a lot of use out of your investment.

Best running/utility belt

The Kurgo K9 Excursion Running Belt clips around your waist and features a pouch and a water bottle. Your keys, phone and poop bags can be stashed in the pouch.

Just attach the Mighty Paw or the Tuff Mutt leash to the clip and you are ready to go.

Best running harness

Just like runners don’t like to be pulled, your Boxer doesn’t like to be choked! Attaching your Mighty Paw or the Tuff Mutt to a running harness is another option to consider.

Big muscular dogs like the Boxer, German Shepherd, and the Doberman are best suited to the Coastal Pet K9 Explorer. It’s adjustable, padded, and features reflective stitching to keep your dog safe during evening runs.

Running at night time

We recommend a LED collar and a reflective vest for your dog.

Did We Answer Your Question?

So you wanted to know if Boxers are good running dogs. Not only do you get a highly athletic and powerful dog, fully capable of running circles around most people, and most dogs, but you also get a lovable, friendly dog that is great for families. Boxers are as brave and loyal as they are silly and playful.

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