Welcome to Outdoor Dog Fun

My Backstory

Hi there, my name is Michelle Henry. I was one of those kids who bugged my mom and dad for a dog since I was 3 years old. But we lived in an apartment complex that didn’t allow pets. So year after year, my parents put up with my moaning. Until one day…we moved into a house near the beach when I was 14.

Finally, I got my first dog! She was Beau the German Shepherd. Since then mom and dad have enjoyed a succession of German Shepherds – Robin and Captain Kirk (yes my dad was a Star Trek fan).

These dogs needed long walks each day. They loved the beaches and walking across the sand dunes where they would chase snakes (but always missed them thankfully).

Now I’m all grown up  with my own family and my own dogs. But I live in an inner city area. Our backyard is the size of a postage stamp. So I had to downsize my dogs to 3 lovely poodle crosses named Lucy, Max and, Latte.

small dog breeds that can live outside
Latte and Max in their kennel

Moving from German Shepherds to Poodles took some adjustment. But I realized you don’t need a “big” dog to be bold and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Outdoor dog fun on the 7km trail where we live

My dogs and I have enjoy walking and running the local trail and parks and swimming locally.


Introducing My Dogs

Max loves the water, whether swimming in the bay or jumping in a deep muddy puddle. 

Max the outdoor dog
Max going commando outside!

Lucy is mad about fetching balls and frisbee and play tug of war.

Playing tug with Lucy's ball

Latte, my 3rd dog, likes to chase Max and Lucy and bark a lot! 

Our Outdoor Adventures

We are blessed to live in a great location to enjoy the outdoors. We’re surrounded by 4 big parks as well as a 7km walking trail that goes into lush parkland. 

There are plenty of areas to enjoy being outdoors with my dogs playing with balls, tug toys and frisbees.

My dogs and I enjoy walking and running the local trail and parks and swimming locally. 

In the holidays, we escape the city. 

We enjoy camping and hikes in National Parks or we enjoy being by the river or beach. 

Lucy being curious on a hiking trail

My Mission on this site is to help you enjoy more fun and memorable times with your dog – whether big or small – keeping them safe and happy and acting responsibly in the great outdoors.

Rich With Real Stories And Experiences

I have a number of writers who contribute to Outdoor Dog Fun. This is because I wanted to create a website rich in real stories, experiences and perspectives with different breeds and from all around the world. 

I could not do that alone. 

All my contributing authors own dogs: they all love being in the great outdoors. You can check out the Authors dog bio at the bottom of each article.

We're Independent and Proud Of It!

Outdoor Dog Fun is independent. 

And we’re proud of that!

We are not owned by a multi-national pet brand, flogging our own agenda. 

We are not sponsored by pet brands.

I wanted Outdoor Dog Fun to be a website you could trust for high quality information. A site that has the best interests of you, and your dog, in mind.

What’s In It For You?

So why bother reading Outdoor Dog Fun? 

You can connect you and your dog’s passion for the great outdoors with topics that will make your adventures informed, fun, safe and memorable.  

The information we share ranges from commonly asked questions, how-to guides, well-researched dog-related accessory guides and comprehensive location guides for places to camp, swim, backpack and hike with your dog pal.

More specifically, this is what you can expect from Outdoor Dog Fun:

  • Loads of ideas on new outdoor activities to try with your dog. You will never be bored!
  • How to try those new outdoor activities. What do you need to know? Is it suitable for your breed of dog and their temperament?
  • What precautions do you need to take with each activity to ensure your pup is safe?
  • How can you train your dog to do stuff that other dogs seem to know instinctively e.g. fetching a ball and bringing it back to you?
  • How can you strengthen the bond between you and your doggy doing certain outdoor activities?
  • What do you do in outdoor situations when your dog is in danger?
  • How can you act responsibly when you are out and about with your dog?
  • What gear can we recommended gear based on real canine and human experiences and not made-up stuff.
Man kayaking with his dog on the bay where we live at sunrise